Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sad state of affairs.

this is a double edged sword. i'm a artist that trained myself on street walls with graffiti. there's always that underground stigma to it. to be known, but not famous. to be famous, but not get paid for it. soon as you're able to make a LEGAL living with it... people start calling you a sell out. these are the purists. so lame. if some has the talent to become something with it... who's to say that they shouldn't? if you have talent, use it. there are people making lives out of themselves with faked street cred, getting some spray paint and putting it on a canvas with some oil paints and claiming they are a graffiti artist. i'm part of a new wave of artists that neither accepts nor rejects tradition. I've learned from experiance and i've hit a plateau in teaching myself. but with the article that i linked to, people would be willing to buy my art as an investment. not as a peice of art... a tradeable commodity. if that's how some of my work will be bought, then i'll be reluctant to sell it. i hate putting up my art for public viewing already, becuase by the time anyone sees it i already have had time to critique it and hate it. even the stuff i paint and put on my own walls i hate after a few days at most. I'm basically calling myself out as a hypocrit right now as i'm gonna goto art school for illustration, and be a "professional" artist...

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