Thursday, December 18, 2008

H&M Sliq Denim

ah finals are over.

here are some of my favorite pants from last year. H&M Sliq fit jeans, wore them for about 5 months, with monthly washes. manly bike rides. and work. retired cuz i don't want my wallet to fall out.

the back pockets are to close together for me. my wallet was rubbing on my bike saddle and made a fatty hole, and these i got on sale for like 20 buck or something, so not worth a 20+ dollar repair. so if you ride a bike. DON'T BUY THESE. waste of money, but they are rather comfortable.

check some pics

Sliq (1)

Sliq (2)

Sliq (3)
best color representation. don't wanna photoshop all of the.

Sliq (4)
again with the rivet fades.

Sliq (5)

cuffs and roping. front,
Sliq (6)

Sliq (13)

Sliq (12)

this is what happens when designers put the pockets to close together, then i ride a bike with them.
Sliq (7)

Sliq (8)
Sliq (9)


Anonymous said...

Mine looked this way after two weeks of wearing an totally fall apart after another 2 weeks

Benjamin Hutchins said...

I have been wearing only H&M Sliq's for four years now, have one of each style they offer, I love the fit.

The first thing that goes is always the cuffs at the bottom, tatter from getting wet in rain and being stepped on. Next thing is the knees, they start to tear after about 700 days of use.

However, they are still very nice, the blue denims are the only ones that have ripped on me, all the black styles have kept together, except the blacks obviously fade more noticeably, but I have recently bought a new washer and dryer that require elite detergents and they have stopped fading since.

Personally, I'd say H&M, for price verse quality, is high above most other companies. I hope to keep buying them for quite some time.